Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eight Months old and growing fast!

It's been a really long time since I have been able to sit down and write a post for this blog.  I am in the process of writing four parenting related posts that feel like they will never get written.  Maybe I will get some writing done while Julia and I are in Florida. 
What I have been busy doing you might ask?  Keeping up with my little lady!  What a busy little girl I have.  The older she gets, the more independant she gets while still making sure that mommy is within looking range.
So here are all the new things that Julia is doing:  Yesterday on her eight month birthday she started clapping her hands.  I have video of it down below that you have to check out because it is REALLY cute.  She is furniture walking and is getting more daring every day.  She can now stand up using a wall, door, fridge, chair, couch, table...just about anything.  She lets go of what she is holding onto for short periods of time and will go from one thing to another. 
Today her dad had her standing up in the kitchen by herself.  The best time I didn't catch on video of course but I do have some video.
She is babbling so much and at times it really does sound like is is saying real words. 
She has managed to do without her soother during the day and only has it when it is nap time or she is in the car.  I am so proud of her (and myself for not relying on it so much).
This stage is so much fun as I watch her little personality developing.  She is definetly going to be a drama queen though!

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