Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favourite Part of Our Day

I have just finished my favourite part of the day - Our daily walk.  It all starts about two hours after Julia wakes up in the morning; she gets quite cranky and clingy.  I know this means that she needs sling time with mommy.  I get her dressed for outside and slide her into our ring sling where she immediately settles in and calms down.  Being worn seems to center her and she is able to relax.  This is how we take our daily walks - Julia in the sling, tummy to tummy with her mom.
We tried the stroller, she just does not like it.  Maybe she can't see as much, maybe the world is just so overwhelming along in that stroller.  I don't mind, I like having her close to me.
We don't really talk during our walks.  Sometimes I point things out to her.  This is our quiet time together which we don't get very often anymore.  Julia has learnt the gift of gab and can now walk, so for the majority of the day she is very busy and loud.  While we walk we enjoy each others company and listen to the sounds around us.  Eventually Julia falls into a deep sleep.  This is when we return home so mommy can start work while Julia has her morning nap.

A side note for those of you who think poorly of babywearing:  I "wear" my baby many times a day.  This is usually how she falls asleep for nap time and bedtime.  When she is cranky and wants my attention, she goes into the sling.  Julia is only needy when she is tired or sick which are the times she spends the most time in the sling.  As she grows, she does not need as much time in the sling.  BUT, babywearing does not make my daughter clingy or less independent than other babies.  In fact, I think the opposite.  My daughter has met all milestones on time or before other babies.  She sat up at four months, crawled on her six month birthday, started furniture walking at 6.5 months, and started walking at 10 months.  She is also already has a vocabulary of 7-10 words. When we go to play group, she is often the first baby to go off to play independently and she is comfortable with me leaving her with a sitter.  I have built trust with her and she feels safe to venture away from me. 

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