Thursday, May 19, 2011

To my daughter on her first birthday

My little angel, it’s only been a year but I feel like you have always been here.  I waited for you for so very long; waiting and wishing not so patiently at times but you came at the perfect time in my life.  I was ready for you, I knew what I wanted for you and I have become the mother I have always wanted to be because of you.
 I cannot believe I helped to create something so beautiful, so amazing.  When I hold you in my arms, I know I am meant to hold you forever.  When I am not with you, I miss your big beautiful eyes and your addicting smile.  It is amazing to watch you grow up as you take the centre stage.  You are different from me as you like to have all eyes on you and yet we are so much the same. 
I have held you very close to me for the past year because the world seemed to scare you.   When you were born and for two months after, you cried and cried.  When I placed you in our sling, you were immediately consoled and this became your safe place where you learnt to trust the world.  This did not prevent you from exploring your surroundings; in fact, I think it helped you become comfortable with them.  You are one of the most independent babies I have ever known.  We go to playgroup and you go play right away.  You love to go to daycare and I never have to worry that you can’t handle it. 
We have lasted one full year nursing which I think is a wonderful accomplishment since most babies don't even last a month.  I think that I am so lucky that I have a convenient way to calm you when you are upset.  The five or ten minutes that you nurse for are five or ten minutes that I get to hold you for.  Since I have so few opportunities to hold you close anymore, I value that time that we have together.
You know what you want out of life and nothing is going to get in your way.  You are social and creative.  You are the best parts of your parents.  I hope I can help you channel your gifts in a positive way so that you can share your talents with the world because I see great things for you little one.
I love you my boo.  Happy first birthday.

Things that Julia is doing at one
·         She is walking and starting to run
·         She can climb on things
·         She loves to play with her dolls
·         She can say “up, baby, kitty, daddy, mom, mangia (eat in Italian), what’s that, hi, bye”
·         She can sign eat and milk “properly”.  She can sign all done and more her own way.  She understands the “change” and “diaper” signs and will walk to her room if they are signed.
·         She loves to hang out in the fridge going through all of our food.
·         She loves to eat.  She also loves to eat pretty much anything.
·         She could spend hours outside, playing in the dirt.
·         She dances to any music that comes on
·         She waves bye
·         She follows her brothers all around the house
·         She loves to play with our dog Summer
·         She doesn’t like TV but if Glee or Backyardigans comes on she will listen when songs  come on
·         She enjoys sitting quietly reading books

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