Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Julia's trip to Southern Ontario

Well, Julia and I just returned last night from a six day adventure.  We went on an airplane to Toronto to stay with my cousin Charla, her husband and two children. 
We left early on the 14th of October.  Julia did really good on the plane until we were landing.  She cried for most of the landing but if her ears hurt as much as mine, I don't blame her.  I tried feeding her during the landing, but she was not interested. 
Julia fell in love with her cousin Scarlett.  Scarlett fell in love with Julia too!  Actually, Scarlett could not keep her hands off of Julia the whole time we were in Port Colbourne.  It was really cute!  It was even cuter when Julia would laugh hysterically at Scarlett when we were driving (Julia usually screams whenever we get into a vehicle). 
We got to visit alot of family during our trip and Julia was a ham for everyone.
My cousin was very pregnant during this trip..her due date is October 31st.  I was really hoping that she would have that baby while I was there, but no such luck.  Hopefully I will be able to see Dade before he gets too big. 
Julia and I bonded even more than before during this trip.  We were constantly with each other because daddy was not there to help me.  We even slept together which was great!  I think I got more sleep those six days than I have the last five months.
We went shopping a bit on this trip...I bought Julia a teething necklace, a book and a peppa doll.  I got myself a nursing necklace.  (the boys are a bit jealous that I didn't buy them anything...oops!)
I didn't take near enough pictures, but the day that I needed my camera, I forgot it at the house.  But here are some of Julia and her cousins.

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