Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have a teenager. I am only 30 but I have a teenager.  By choice actually.  My husband had Cody when he was ridiculously young.  When I fell in love with Mike, I also fell in love with Cody.  I don't feel prepared to raise a teenager, in fact,  I feel like I just finished being a teenager.  But here I am, trying to guide him down his path to become a respectful, productive member of society.
I am sure every mother feels the same way that I do...totally and completely unprepared each time a situation arises.  I have already dealt with many things that I NEVER thought I would have to deal with.  It is amazing how accepting I have become of things that I was completely against.  I have overcome issues that are apparently "common" these days.  I suppose they were common when I was a teenager too, I just didn't start as young as my teenager did. 
My teenager also amazes me each and every day, the same way Matthew and Julia do.  He is growing so independent and unbelievably thoughtful.  We are learning a new way to respect each other.  I am discovering how alike the two of us are.  I watch as he does things that mimic my personality.  He may not be my flesh and blood but somewhere along the way he became mine.  He may not realize this right now, but I hope when he is older he will understand that I was only being a mother to him and treating him exactly like a mother would treat their first born child.
We will continue to struggle with Cody for another many years but I hope that I can stand beside him and be what he needs me to be during that time.

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