Monday, November 1, 2010

Julia's first tooth and she's sitting up!

Two new developments for Julia.  She has been sitting up all by herself for about a week now.  She cannot get herself into the sitting position yet, but once placed there she can play for quite some time before she falls over.  She is also pushing herself backwards and sideways when in the crawling position.  I don't doubt she will be crawling soon as she is very good at getting up on her hands and knees while rocking back and forth.
On Saturday, Julia woke up pretty cranky which is really unusual for her.  We got ready for our WeeHands class and off we went.  I had mentioned to our instructor that with her crankiness, I could see a tooth happening soon.  I also said that I have been saying that for about two months now, but it had to happen soon.  When we got home from class, I was carrying Julia around because she was still a bit cranky and would not nap.  She put my finger in her mouth and I felt a piece of plastic.  I got really worried not knowing how she got a piece of plastic in her mouth.  As I was fishing around for the piece of plastic I realized that it was not plastic but in fact her first tooth.  It is on the bottom right hand side.  She has been dealing with the pain fairly well although it is preventing her from having a good night sleep or even naps during the day.

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