Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Halloween Activities

This year to get ready for Halloween we invited Nona over for supper and to help us carve our pumpkins.  Jul (Julia's Godfather and the person she is named after) decided to join us too.  We had a lot of fun carving.  Julia loved touching the pumpkins and feeling the guck inside the pumpkin.  Cody tried again to carve "DC" into his pumpkin which did not work.  We had to tape his pumpkin together so that it did not fall into itself.  Matthew carved a "normal" jack o lantern.  Jul carved a "Matthew" pumpkin and Mike made a scary pumpkin.  We had LOTS of seeds left over but they did not last very long.

Next, for Halloween fun...Julia and I went to her playgroup halloween party.  She loves seeing all the other babies and playing with all the different toys.

On Halloween day, Julia dressed up in her halloween day outfit :)

For Halloween night, Matthew went trick or treating with his Dad, Cheryl, Mackenzie and Hunter. 

Cody handed out treats at the house because Mike thinks he is too old to trick or treat.
And Julia went to show off in the neighbourhood.

And that was our first Halloween with Julia.

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