Friday, November 5, 2010

Julia's growing too fast!

I have been putting Julia on the floor in the livingroom while I get my coffee in the morning, and the above video is what she has been doing for about the past week.  She is moving further and further backwards now though.  Poor girl is just getting so frustrated!  She knows she is moving but in the wrong direction.  I know it will not be long before she starts going forward.  Off to buy a baby gate today because before I know it, she will be crawling across the floor faster than I can run.
She can put her own pacifier in her mouth now...I so badly want to get rid of that thing but I think I am just as addicted to it as she is.
She started babbling different two days ago, I am going to try and get this on video because it is just too cute.  She is making the "b" sound and now she doesn't stop talking...she is a twin to her aunt!  I cannot believe how much they have the same personality...and all I can that I am in BIG trouble, just kidding Melissa xoxo.
She has been going through some mommy separation anxiety in the past few days, but the worst was this morning.   I put her on the floor in the livingroom like I do every morning and went into the kitchen to get my coffee.  It's not even that far away.  But the SECOND I stepped out of her sight, she began to cry.  When I popped back into view she started to laugh.  Then I tried again to grab a coffee and she started to cry again.  She won...I picked her up while I poured my coffee and then she was all better :)   It's pretty cute now...might not be in a couple of days when I can't do anything unless she can see me!
In the bath tub, Julia and I bathe together because she in very nervous.  Ususally she just faces me, chews on a facecloth and occassionally nurses.  I was so happy the other day when she turned to the side and put her hand in the water making a little splash.  I showed her how to splash and she held my hand while we splashed in the water together.  The next day, she was even more adventerous and splashed even more.  Last night was even better...she was actually getting herself wet from her splashing.  It was amazing watching her slowly discover splashing.
Also, I watched her discover my tattoo.  One day in the tub, she started looking at my tattoo which is on my left breast.  She started to scratch it as if trying to pick it up.  The she tried to lick it, unsure of what it was.  Now, we have been bathing together for months but this was the first time that she noticed that my tattoo did not belong.  How does a 5 and a half month old baby know that a tattoo does not belong?  Very cool.

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